UAE 22.5 GB (Physical SIM - pick from Dubai Airport)

UAE 22.5 GB (Physical SIM - pick from Dubai Airport)

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This is a physical SIM card from Etisalat. Once the booking is done here, the SIM card can be picked up from Etisalat Business Center at the Dubai airport, in the Arrival terminal after the baggage pickup area.

Benefits of the plans:

- Local number of UAE

- Attractive data and calling options

- Get your SIM as soon as you land in Dubai

Following plans are available:


AED 200.00


22.5 GB

Incoming Calls


Flexi minutes (Local or International)

525 minutes


28 days

Other offers

30 Etisalat Wi-Fi Hours

20% off on 4 Careem Rides


Conversion rate of AED 1 = USD 0.27 is charged

$3 convenience fee applies on all plans