The iOS 17 Revolution

What is it?

Previously, if users wanted to set up an eSIM on their iPhones, they would need a secondary device or a printed version of the QR code to scan it. With iOS 17, Apple has streamlined this process by allowing users to scan the eSIM QR code directly from their photo gallery.


How does it benefit users?

  1. Eliminates Dependence on Secondary Devices: No longer needing a second device or printed QR code to set up an eSIM is a significant convenience. It's especially beneficial for users who need more ready access to a secondary device or a printer.

  2. Streamlined User Experience: The process becomes more straightforward, faster, and intuitive. Users can now take a screenshot or save an image of the QR code from their emails or online accounts and then use it directly for eSIM setup.

  3. Better for the Environment: Less reliance on printed QR codes means reduced paper usage. Even if it seems small, every effort towards sustainability counts.


        IOS 17 Settings for ESIM        IOS 17 Settings for eSIM.       IOS 17 Settings for eSIM


Implications for the Industry:

  1. Increased eSIM Adoption: Simplifying the eSIM setup process can lead to a more widespread adoption of eSIM technology. A user-friendly experience often encourages more people to try and stick with new technologies.

  2. Shift in Carrier Strategy: With eSIM adoption increasing, carriers might introduce more attractive eSIM-only plans or promotions to encourage users to switch from traditional SIM cards.

  3. Potential for More eSIM Features: As Apple continues to innovate in the eSIM space, we might see more features related to eSIM management, data plan analytics, or even multi-profile setups in future iOS versions.


Apple's move to simplify eSIM setup in iOS 17 by allowing QR code scanning directly from the photo gallery demonstrates the company's commitment to pushing eSIM technology forward. It's a win for user convenience and could catalyse broader eSIM adoption worldwide.


September 17, 2023 — Gaurav Khanna

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