The French Open, also known as Roland-Garros, isn't just a tennis tournament; it's a whole vibe. The roaring crowd, the top-notch players battling on the iconic red courts - it's a dream come true for any tennis lover. But for those travelling from abroad, figuring out how to get to Paris and fully enjoy the French Open can be an intense match.

So let us make sure your trip to the French Open is nothing short of amazing. We've got your back with 10 simple travel tips to make your journey as smooth as butter:

  1. Snag Those Tickets

Don't snooze and lose out on catching all the action! Here's some advice on scoring your seat:

  • Head to the Official Website: Make sure you bookmark the Roland-Garros website well in advance because tickets fly off the shelves really fast.

  • Check Out Secondary Markets: Consider reliable online platforms for resale tickets closer to game day but be wary of any shady business.

  • Scope Out Packages: Look into travel agencies offering packages that bundle tickets, accommodation, and airport transfers – it could be a life saver.
  1. Gear Up Like A Pro 

The key to acing your trip is good planning. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Visa Requirements: Be sure you know what visa requirements France has way before your journey starts, especially if you're coming from outside Europe.

  • Travel Insurance Matters: Do yourself a favour and invest in travel insurance so you're covered if things go sideways, like flight cancellations or sudden hospital stays.

  • Travel Docs on Lock: Keep an eye on that passport expiration date - better safe than sorry! And don't forget to bring along copies just in case.

  • Stay Connected Round-The-Clock: Say goodbye to pesky roaming charges with our travel eSIM for France. Stay in touch with family back home, navigate maps easily, and cruise through the city hassle-free.
  1. Tackling Paris

  • Hop On Public Transport: Paris' metro system runs like clockwork, so snag a metro app and a Navigo Pass for easy, breezy travels around town.

  • Taxis & Ride-Sharing Magic: Taxis are everywhere, but ride-sharing might save you some bucks, so keep that option open!

  • Stroll or Pedal Around Town: Take leisurely walks through Paris or rent a bike for a fresh perspective—just remember, comfy shoes!
  1. Game Day At Roland-Garros

  • Getting there is a breeze: Stade Roland-Garros is in the 16th arrondissement, accessible via metro lines 9 and 10; grab an app with Global eSim capabilities for stress-free navigation.

  • Dress to impress and embrace the festivities: Dress comfortably for long days under sunny skies. Remember that the French Open is not only about tennis but also about soaking up some vibrant Parisian vibes.

  • Essential Tournament Kit: Sun protection? Check! A refillable water bottle? Yes, please! Throw in a light rain jacket, too, because why risk getting drenched by random drizzles?
  1. Beyond The Tennis Court Boundaries

  • Paris Exploration Ahead: Set aside time to visit famous spots like the Eiffel Tower or Louvre Museum amidst other renowned attractions of France.

  • Indulge In Flavours Of France: Dive into exquisite French flavours, from morning croissants to delicious dinners at cosy cafes—it’s worth every calorie!

  • Immerse Yourself In Culture: Catch cabaret shows, wander around Jardin du Luxembourg or soak up art scenes at Montmartre—an adventure awaits!
  1. Plan An Extended Trip

Got more time? Consider extending your trip and exploring the enchanting South of France:

  • Coastal Luxury At The Riviera: Cannes' glamourous aura or Nice’s breathtaking coastal views - who wouldn’t want that experience?

  • Provence Calls Your Name: See those lavender fields in Provence while hopping between delightful villages such as Gordes and Roussillon, savouring local cuisine, too!

  1. Stay connected with ETravelSim for easy, breezy travel fun

  • Seamless Activation: Pick up your eSIM prior online ahead of schedule then activate it when you reach France – no stores involved!

  • Endless Data Choices: Pick a data plan that fits the bill, whether it's just some browsing or endless scrolling. Make sure you have enough data to share snaps, stream matches, or find your way around with navigation apps.

  • Stay Plugged In Everywhere: Count on having a solid data connection all across Paris and beyond. Perfect for exploring the city, sharing updates online, or catching up with loved ones through video calls.
  1. Cash or Card

Should you be packing more cash instead of just relying on cards when in France? Cash is king at small spots like cafes, bakeries, and street markets where they might be cash-only. Markets & fairs usually deal only in cash. While big train stations take cards easily, smaller ones may prefer cash payment. Taxis, too, might prefer hard currency over plastic. Carrying spare cash gives peace of mind in case ATMs don't cooperate or cards go missing. A vital safety net indeed! You must strike a balance between the two:

  • Keep a bit of Euros (around €50-€100) handy for emergencies or places that only accept notes.
  • Use your debit card at ATMs if needed; just watch out for those pesky withdrawal fees!
  • Opt for a credit card sans foreign transaction charges for hassle-free purchases during your travels. Some even come with nifty travel insurance perks.
  1. Embrace the French Language

Knowing some basic French phrases can go a long way in enriching your experience:

  • Greetings: Bonjour (hello), Bonsoir (good evening), Merci (thank you), S'il vous plaît (please)

  • Directions: Où sont les toilettes? (Where are the toilets?), Excusez-moi, pouvez-vous m'aider? (Excuse me, can you help me?)

  • Ordering Food: Je voudrais... (I would like...), Un café, s'il vous plaît (A coffee, please), La note, s'il vous plaît (The check, please)
  1. Download Helpful Apps

Don't forget about these handy apps while getting ready for the French Open action:

  • The official Roland-Garros App is your go-to source for tournament schedules and player stats.
  • Metro Navigation Apps like Citymapper paired with eSIM France keep you right on track through Paris' complex metro routes.
  • A trusty translation app such as Google Translate bridges any language barriers effectively.

By sticking to these travel suggestions and making good use of ETravelSim while soaking up the excitement of the French Open and wandering through enchanting Paris – we guarantee an experience full of fond memories awaits you! Enjoy the games!

May 29, 2024 — parul K