Travel is restarting slowly driven by the positive news of vaccine development helping the Govts to open travel. Key hotel market in UAE have reached or surpassed 50% occupancy rate due to strong domestic and recent international demand. Emirates has launched recently new Dubai promotion campaign. Sri Lankan Airlines has launched new direct flights to Maldives. As per the news on Breaking Travel News more Asia pacific countries are being added to the English travel corridor list including Bahrain, Cambodia, Laos, UAE and Qatar.


With the difficulties faced during the Covid 19, travellers will be scared of physical contact with other people, places etc. One of the travellers’ demand has always been for buying a local sim card once they land in destination country. Will this demand still be the same after reopening travel to various parts of the world, perhaps not. People will look for hassle free and convenient way of getting connected. They may not want to search and approach for a physical store to buy a SIM card.


Esim could be solution to this problem. All you have to do is to order it before or on the fly and install it on your phone without visiting a physical store.

December 12, 2020 — Gaurav Khanna